U.C. Berkeley Wushu Team

SF Wushu Facebook Page

Baguazhang and Taiji History and Information
Covering the Beijing Wushu Team, U.S. Wushu, and Wushu in the Olympics

Cal Wushu
The University of California – Berkeley Wushu Team, headed by Sifu Fong as well

Kung Fu Magazine
Largest English language magazine that provides exclusive coverage of the Chinese martial arts and associated disciplines

Videos, photos, articles, and discussion forum
One of the largest online suppliers for all your martial art needs

Mastering Wushu
The mission of this website is to share our passion and expertise about Wushu with visitors from around the world

Of Course Lion Source
Their mission is to preserve and promulgate the traditional art and craft of the Chinese lion dance. To show the art in the best light possible and to enhance its appreciation by providing custom-crafted equipment and personalized service to those who share this vision.

The Official Jet Li Website
International film star and five time national wushu champion
“Nothing but wushu”

Wushu Central
Has an extensive video archive

Wushu One Family
Videos, photos, competition results, forums, diaries and blogs